Strategic marketing, Shareholder relations and Shareholder service consultants


Strategic marketing, shareholder relations and shareholder service consultants.

We specialize in retail investor relations, and in helping issuers to "optimize" their spending on indvidual investors.

Most companies spend huge amounts of money just to maintain their individual investor base. We help them re-target their programs − and their spending − to achieve bigger and better results, and usually, to save money in the process.

We have worked with many of America’s best known and most admired companies − and with many smaller and newly-public companies too − on RFP design and administration, and on Vendor Selection and Evaluation programs that have saved literally millions of dollars for clients.

We have helped dozens and dozens of companies to develop carefully targeted Affinity Group Stock Purchase Programs that attract and retain high quality investors, while eliminating and avoiding costly hangers-on.

Plain-English documents that get the attention of investors, enhance their understanding − and facilitate desired outcomes − are another specialty.

We publish The Shareholder Service OPTIMIZER − a quarterly newsletter that helps readers to understand and implement “best practices” in a fast-changing environment − and to get the most value possible out of their investor relations and shareholder servicing budgets.

We, and other members of our team, also serve as Expert Consultants/Expert Witnesses in cases involving securities-processing, recordkeeping and voting-related issues.